Leader-Follower Pesawat Tanpa Awak Berbasis Potential Field

Almira Budiyanto

Jurusan Teknik Elektro, Fakultas Teknologi Industri, Universitas Islam Indonesia,
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Nowadays, researches of UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) increased significantly. The excellent features of UAV were relatively low cost development, lightweight, able to fly autonomously, eliminating dangerous risk when involving humans, as well as can be to access a target in low altitude.

In the last few years, flying in formation became popular because of its efficiency such as saving fuel. In this research,simulated how quadcopter towards the target point from initial point using attractive potential field and how leader quadcopter toward target point exactly and follower quadcopter can be followed the movement of leader quadcopter. Based on the research result, leader-follower formation applied on Parrot AR Drone 2.0 successfully implemented using potential field method. By application of potential field method, convergence of x-axis and yaxis achieved in 35 seconds, so did in distance convergence.

Key Words: Potential Field, Leader-follower,Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


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