Karakterisasi Positive-real Sistem Kendali Jaringan Untuk Sistem Linear Berubah Parameter Dalam Kehadiran Waktu-tunda

Mumuh Muharam1*, Rahaditya F1

1Jurusan Teknik Elektro, Fakultas Teknik Universitas Andalas, *E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Nowadays, the development of networked-control system (NCS) is to be significant because of internet significance in daily life as well as in industry. However, there are some disadvantages of the internet such as packet dropout, delay, and bandwith. These can reduce the performance of the control system. Therefore, this paper presents an analysis the performance of the control by evaluating the stability of networked control system in delay which is exist in the dynamic model of the control system.

An LMI approach is derived to get solution for the stability of control system such that the system is to be positive-real system. 

Keywords: Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI), NCS, Time-delay systems, Positive-real system. 

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